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When something goes wrong with our ability to swallow, it can be confusing, frightening and frustrating. 

Dysphagia Services of Southeastern Pennsylvania can help mitigate changes in swallowing.

Below are just a few areas of specialization.

Identification, Treatment & Management

​Swallowing problems can present for many reasons including the natural progression of aging.

Dysphagia Services of Southeastern Pennsylvania offers diagnostic services that will help you to better understand your swallowing challenges.

We work with all ranges of swallowing difficulties, including individuals who have medically complex cases.​  We specialize in the identification, treatment and management of dysphagia as it presents in intellectually disabled adults.  We offer both a rehabilitative and habilitative approach, depending upon your needs.

Food & Liquid

If you or someone you care for has been diagnosed with dysphagia, making modified diets, thickening liquids, and managing strategies for safe eating are essential for success, yet often challenging. 

We can offer support in achieving the correct food texture and modifying liquids.  We can assist you in maximizing your exercise program.

We also offer guidance in food choices to support modified diets. 


Occasionally,  swallowing problems can present when even though diagnostic evaluations show that the swallow is  functional.

If you or someone you care for has a functional swallow yet struggles to swallow; mindfulness training can offer freedom during meals.​​


We are proud to offer evidenced based treatment approach tailored to fit your specific needs. Your clinician will work with you to develop goals and set an attainable rehabilitative plan.

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